James Altucher Issues Urgent Message As….

Bitcoin Passes $10,000 $11,300 $12,800 $17,400

Thousands of Americans are wondering if they missed out on the chance of a lifetime…

We sat down with one of America’s top “crypto millionaires” to get his surprising take on if it’s still possible to make a life-changing fortune from Bitcoin’s epic rise…



Hi. I'm Monica McCarthy. Thanks for joining us today on this special broadcast…

If you’ve been watching the financial news, you’ve heard about Bitcoin reaching record highs, and the growing cryptocurrency phenomena…

According Business Insider, “Bitcoin is going nuclear.”

But is Bitcoin in a bubble, or is it here to last?

And more importantly, is there still a chance to make a fast fortune from these new cyber-monies?

Including the chance for 10 times, 100 times, even an incredible 1,000 times your money in return?

Stay tuned for the answers to these questions, and more…

My guest is best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and investing expert James Altucher.

In just 18 months’ time, he’s made an incredible 8,000% from cryptocurrencies.

Today, James is blowing the lid off what he is calling the "100,000% Crypto Secret."

Where everyday people can turn as little as $500 into $500,000.

James… thanks so much for joining us today.


My pleasure, my pleasure.


I would guess most people know you, James, as a best-selling author…

You’ve written 18 books – including what USA Today calls “one of the 12 best business books of all time.”

Your books Choose Yourself, Reinvent Yourself and The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth have all gone on to be bestsellers…


But what is most interesting is your expertise in spotting the next big thing in investing…

For example, you once turned a personal $2,000 investment into profits of more than $10 million by getting into the next big thing in technology.

Am I correct in saying you see Bitcoin and these other cryptocurrencies as the next big thing to get into if you’re an investor?


I’m glad you brought up my background as an investor…

You know, a lot of people know me from my books.

But I’m not sure everyone knows my background as an investor…

See, I’ve run a $33 million hedge fund…

A $125 million venture capital firm…

I’ve sat on the board of a $600 million company…

I’ve written about investing for The Wall Street Journal… the Financial Times… Yahoo Finance… and appeared on CNBC, MSNBC and Fox…

In fact, back in 2013, I was on CNBC and my friend Herb Greenberg asked me about Bitcoin…

Despite being almost laughed off of TV when I told them this…

Back in 2013, I set up a Bitcoin-only store to sell my Choose Yourself book…

As far as I know, this was a world’s first.

And now look around – in places like Japan, more than 250,000 retailers are set to start accepting it…

And since that time on TV, no one’s laughing now, because Bitcoin is up 610% in the last year alone...


And it’s not just Bitcoin.

Ethereum – another popular cryptocurrency – is up 2,400% the last 12 months...


Point being, if you truly want to create wealth that can change your life, you simply must pay attention to what’s happening in cryptocurrency…


And in less than 6 minutes, right here on this very broadcast, you’re going to reveal something you’ve never before shared publicly…

A secret you believe will unlock a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a crypto millionaire?

And even better, you are going to show folks an easy way they can use it right now, for incredible returns?


That’s right…

To get right to it, I believe anyone can use my secret and have the chance to make 1,000% returns on their money in the next 12 months…

That’s 10 times your money over the next year…

Just so we’re clear:

That means if you are starting with $1,000…

You could have a real chance to make $10,000 using my secret.

If you start with more, say $10,000… you could expect to have a chance at $100,000.

And on and on…

Look, I normally hate these types of promises.

In my email every day are people pitching me on huge profit percentages.

How many times have you seen those?

And how many times have they worked out?

In my experience… zero times.

That’s why I’ve NEVER done that in my career.

And I’ll never do it about anything in the stock markets, because stocks won’t deliver these huge gains anymore.

But bottom line is this – this is the first and only time in our lives that we have a truly legitimate ability to turn $1,000 into a million dollars…


In other words… a 100,000% return.

That’s incredible.

And all folks need to do is get into Bitcoin to get these kinds of returns?


No, you should NOT just go out and buy Bitcoin.

I want to be super-clear about this…

I don’t want anyone to watch this presentation and then go out and buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency… until you know this simple secret.

There is a lot of misinformation out there.

Some of this misinformation I am seeing out there is very dangerous.

And of course investing will always carry its risks – I’m not claiming anything here is guaranteed.

But once you know my secret, you can feel more secure…

With this secret in hand, you will be impervious to any scams you encounter.

And then with my help, in five seconds you will know which are legitimate and which are pure BS.

You will know which cryptocurrencies to hold on to…

You will know which cryptocurrencies to actively trade…

You will know exactly how to allocate your portfolio of cryptocurrencies…

And you will know how to get in and get out of trades, with safety.


Of course, I’m dying to know what your “100,000% Secret” is… can you tell us more?


I can tell you 3 things about it, right off the bat:

First: What I’m using leverages something “hardwired” directly into computer codes, letting you know which cryptocurrencies are legitimate – and which are scams. That’s important because you don’t get stuck in these coins that will do nothing more than lose you money…

Second: My secret is EXTREMELY simple t0 understand. In fact, you can boil down the entire secret into 4 words. Once you know the words, you’ll know exactly how to find which cryptocurrencies have the power to give you the chance at life-changing profits.

And third: You have the opportunity to hear incredible top 1% information you won’t hear anywhere else. Unless you are plugged in at the highest levels of Silicon Valley’s venture capital scene (like I am), then you’ll likely never hear about this “100,000% Secret”...


And you told us before, you plan to reveal this secret, right here on this broadcast?


Yes, indeed.

But before I reveal it all a few minutes from now, I want give a quick warning to everyone watching…

If you are NOT interested in learning how to make enough money to retire from the need to work in the next several years, you should stop watching this now.

That’s how important my message is today.

Let's admit it: What we all want is income and wealth that do NOT require you to hustle eight, ten, twelve, fourteen hours a day.

If you’ve read my books, you know trying to get rich from a job is a dead end.

Meanwhile, what's happening in cryptocurrencies right now makes it possible where you only need to spend a few minutes per week for a chance to tap into all the wealth and income you’ll ever need.

And best of all, anyone can do this…


When you say anyone, do you include those who’ve never bought a Bitcoin in their entire life?


When I say anyone can get rich using my secret, I mean basically everyone.

You don’t need to be a computer expert or a hacker.

You don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin, really…

You don’t need to be a trader or venture capitalist…

You don’t need to have a lot of free time…

You even don’t need a college degree to do this...

You see, MONICA, the real problem with cryptocurrencies isn’t that they are hard to buy.

They are actually very easy to buy, thanks to sites like Coinbase.

The real problem is NOT the ability to buy them…

The real problem is finding which to buy…


What do you mean by that?


I mean there are too many to buy.

There are more than 900 cryptocurrencies on the market right now.

And new ones are coming out all the time…

Imagine trying to trade 900 of these things…

That’d be like having 900 stocks in your brokerage account… it boggles the mind.

At the same time, I estimate 99% of these cryptos will go bust at some point.

That’s why you need the knowledge I’m going to share with you today… to know how to identify the ones that could hand you 100,000% returns from those that could go to zero.

Because using my secret method, you can have the chance to make a lot of money trading less than five specific cryptocurrencies.

Less than five compared to 900.

Pie Chart: 99% of cryptos will go bust

And that’s another thing I love about this secret… it offers radical simplicity for anyone who wants to make money from cryptocurrencies.

And I mean anyone… even if you’ve never bought a cryptocurrency in your life.


And this methodology is something you’ve personally used to make money, is that correct?


Yes, correct.

I’ve used this secret in my own life to pocket huge sums of money.

In fact, I used this same 4-word secret to get into one cryptocurrency…

And as a direct result, I made off with 8,000% in only 18 months…

Again: Once you know my secret, you’ll know which cryptocurrencies to buy and when to potentially make 10 times your money in the next 12 months.

Even better, you can make 1,000 times your money over the next few years.

The fact is, this kind of information is what turned me into a crypto millionaire.

And it can do it for anyone watching this right now...


Can you tell us when you made this 8,000% return?

Is this something you did recently?


Yes. I was an early investor in a new cryptocurrency called Zcash.


It’s interesting you made this money without using Bitcoin.

For a lot of us, it seems like Bitcoin is the only digital currency to get into.

Why do you think that is?


It’s true Bitcoin is getting the most attention right now…

In fact, just recently, Bitcoin surged to record highs over $5,000…

Had you bought just $100 worth of Bitcoin back in 2010, you’d be way over $75 million today…

However, Bitcoin is only one example of this cryptocurrency “tidal wave” we are seeing right now…

For example, there’s a crypto called Potcoin that has spiked as high as 12,626%...

And believe me, that’s just a sample of what we’re seeing out there.

There are literally dozens of other coins you can find that have gone up 1,000% or more the last few months…

But here’s the thing…

Only a handful of these will pay off, over and over.

In fact, do NOT buy any of the ones I just listed.

That’s because I predict 99% of these “hot new cryptos” will crash and burn.

But, and here is a key point… if you can find the 1% of them destined to succeed, you have the chance to get very, very wealthy…

I’m going to show you today how to know which are scams, and which can pay off in a big way.


By the way, all these numbers might seem outrageous, insane even...

But before this show, I had my team verify and crunch all the numbers.

So when you hear James say things like it is possible to get 80 times returns or 1,000 times returns, realize these kinds of numbers are both possible and real.

What do you think is the reason we are seeing these incredible numbers from cryptocurrencies?

What’s causing these huge spikes we are seeing?


It all stems from the biggest shift in money since coinage was invented 1,000 years before Jesus was born…

In short, we're moving as a civilization from a philosophy of theism, to humanism, to data-ism.

What do I mean by that? Take medicine as an example…

It used to be when you were sick 500 years ago, you'd pray to God to be healthier.

In some societies, you might sacrifice an animal.

That’s theism.

Which eventually turned into humanism…

That’s when you would go to your doctor, tell him your symptoms – and he'd give you a diagnosis.

He'd maybe tap your knee and check something, or do surgery.

Point is, you depended on humanism, a belief in your doctor and his medical training.

Now we've kind of evolved into data-ism with our health.

We use a Fitbit. We get bloodwork. We have robotic surgery. We can change coding in genes now to strip out deadly diseases!

In the medical industry, everything has moved from a belief in God to a belief that data will cure us.

Just look at how much you could have made buying the right pharmaceutical stocks…

A pharma company named Biogen has seen its stock go up 10,000%...


Amgen has seen its stock soar an astounding 176,000%...


Celgene has gone up 44,860%...


That's what happened in medicine.

But it's happening in everything.

Accounting, the legal profession, the military, you name it…

Every industry is moving from a kind of belief that God will help us to a belief that humans, and human innovation, will help us.

To finally… a belief in data.

Now, I am not saying anything negative about someone’s personal beliefs in religion or God.

The point is only about what’s driving innovation.

For example, look at the oil industry…

It used to be you'd stick a drill in the ground and pray for oil. It was the only way you could have energy to fuel the world.

Then drillers who knew what they were doing, wildcatters, trusted gut instincts would tell them where the oil was.

In short, humanistic.

But now that’s shifting, too. Here’s an example. I recently made an investment into a new oil company.

The company is 100% reliant on 3D seismic data.

We go into abandoned wells. Wells abandoned by humans. We find oil exactly where the computer tells us where oil is.

In short: Data-ism.

Does this make sense?

It works every time, in every industry you can think of…

I could talk about the legal industry. I could talk about the military and warfare. I could talk about the food industry…

Everything is going in this order… theism, humanism, data-ism.


And you are saying the same thing's going to happen with money…



In fact, it’s already happening with our money…

First, it was “In God We Trust”…

Sometimes that might mean a god was on the coin, or the bill. Or maybe the pharaoh was a god and his picture was on the coins.

We had to trust in a god to believe that the money had value.

Then it was a government-backed currency...

The U.S. dollar is a great example.

$100 Bill

We have so much faith in a government-backed currency we let them print out trillions of dollars.

But eventually humanism fades just like theism fades...

They try everything to stop it, of course.

They put the pyramid with the eye on the $1 bill. They try everything. They say the U.S. government never defaults.

$1 Pyramid

They'll do everything to back up either theism or humanism so you don't lose the faith in the dollar.

But it's all based on faith…


And you are saying there’s been a shift in faith with money just like what we are seeing in medicine and other industries?


Exactly right…

The next evolutionary phase in this process is data-ism.

That's where cryptocurrencies come in.


All a cryptocurrency is is data and processing. That’s all there is to it.

Currency is going to move towards data. We already have seen the beginnings of it.

Think of all the places where you are forced to use credit cards instead of cash…

In general, the direction of currency has been moving towards data, and it doesn’t bode well to the future of the U.S. dollar either.

You can't print up a trillion and a half dollars without consequences, including people losing faith in the humanistic institutions behind it, like the Federal Reserve banks…


This makes sense. But how do you go from the Big Idea behind cryptocurrencies to the chance to get 100,000% returns from using your secret?


I’m using a simple model that works like this:

In the U.S. alone, there's $1.5 trillion in government-backed currency out there.


The demand for currency is only going to go up.

That's why we keep printing dollars…

Meanwhile, there is a limited supply of legitimate cryptocurrencies out there…

Let’s say the market capitalization of one of these cryptocurrencies is currently at $500 million…

Now let’s say, for reasons I’ll explain in a minute, everyone decides to convert their U.S. dollars into this particular crypto.

What happens?

Well, if you do the math from $500 million to $1.5 trillion, that’s a 300,000% increase in value.

But there’s something else crazy about this…

Of course, nobody can predict what this exact number will be…

But based on this model, I’m very comfortable saying one or more of these cryptocurrencies could reach at least 100,000% – and sooner than you might believe.

This is why the history of money has to go in this direction, because money is always evolving into something more transportable, more anonymous and a better store of value.

For example, if you have U.S. dollars, you can’t use them in Mexico because you need pesos.

If you go to a bank to convert your dollars into pesos, someone at the bank knows all about it, and you’ve lost all your privacy.

You might think gold is the solution, but gold is very hard to transport.

But with cryptocurrencies, they are literally codes containing information.

Memorize your codes and you can take your money anywhere…

Which means you can literally cross borders with a billion dollars in your head.


Is this privacy angle what got you first interested in cryptocurrencies?


We live in crazy times.

The most unexpected things are almost guaranteed to happen...

9/11 happened.

Germany had inflation of their currency, which later led to genocide and world war...

The fact that the U.S. government has so blatantly treated their dollar like toilet paper is only making the world crazier…

I don't know if it means inflation. I don't know if it means deflation. I don't know if it means recession…

All I know is that everything that happened in 2008 and 2009 scared the hell out of me personally and scares me every single morning when I wake up.

At some point, something will happen that will make the dollar questionable.

I need a currency that has no border, and I need a currency that is safe regardless of world conditions.

So I started looking into Bitcoin…

In fact, I first got involved in Bitcoin right before I sold my book, Choose Yourself, on Amazon.

I created a website that allowed people to buy the book only with Bitcoin a month before it was available for purchase with U.S. dollars.

It got me a lot of attention in the media…

Then an amazing thing happened…

I got a call from one of the top players in the world in cryptocurrencies, who told me about a currency named Zcash…

He said, "Look, this is legit. It's better than Bitcoin. I don't know if it will succeed or not – take a look at what they plan to put into the code, study it and do your own research – but it's legit."

I did my own research, and it was legit.

In fact, it fit perfectly with the metrics of the secret I’m going to tell you about in a minute.

To finish my story, I got in and cashed out 18 months later for an 8,000% gain…


I have to say, getting 80 times your money back in only 18 months is incredible.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $80,000…

And $100,000 into $8 million…

But let me ask you this, James…

When do you think this digital currency revolution really starts to take off?

Did everyone already miss the boat? Is it too late to make these kinds of returns?


I want to be super-clear on this:

You did NOT miss the boat.

In fact, if you are watching me on screen right now… your timing is actually perfect.

Because we’re on the cusp of watching a select few cryptocurrencies skyrocket 100,000% or more.

And you can do it in a way that avoids the scams.

But you’re going to have to make a move fast…


So what is the trigger point? When will we know your prediction is correct?


I would tell everyone to watch for three things:

First, some country will probably replace their paper money with a cryptocurrency.

This could happen as soon as a few months from now.

Argentina is a great example. It's a legit government but you can't ever trust the peso there.

Whenever the peso starts to fall, or the government gets too crazy, Bitcoin shoots up because the wealthy there experienced this in the early 1980s.

They lost all their paper money. It was all seized. They transfer their money into Bitcoin and that causes the price of Bitcoin to go up.

All it takes is one country to convert all their money to crypto… and cryptos take over the world.

Second, you will start to see a critical mass of retailers who only accept cryptocurrencies for payment.

Did you know more than 260,000 retailers in Japan are starting to accept cryptocurrencies?

Right now, there are 3.8 million retail stores in the U.S…

Maybe a few hundred accept Bitcoin…

Once you see a few million stores accepting cryptos, then we’ll reach another point of no return…

Third, you are going to see the world’s central banks get into the game…

According to a story from Reuters dated Sept. 1:


I see names on this list like UBS, Barclays, Credit Suisse, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank…

Pretty much the biggest banks in the world.

This is huge news…

This story tells me the central banks are getting into cryptocurrencies in a big way.

And once the big banks get behind crypto, there will be no stopping the shift…

That’s why there’s never been an opportunity in our lifetime that's a 100,000% opportunity like this…

That's why we're just in the first inning.

I've never even heard of such an opportunity and yet there it is, right in front of us.

It's so unbelievable. Most people can't believe it even when they see it.


OK, James, I can’t wait anymore…

How is it possible to know which cryptos to buy to take advantage of this massive shift?

Can you tell us your secret?


Here is my secret:

You can make 100,000% the next few years and at least 1,000% in the next 12 months by knowing four words... limited supply, limitless demand.

I will say it again:

Limited supply.

Limitless demand.

That’s all there is to it…

Four words with huge implications.


Limited supply… and limitless demand…

What does this mean?


It means this:

If you know the currencies with limited supply and limitless demand…

Then you can know the precise cryptocurrencies with the potential to explode in value to as much as 100,000% the next few years, and by as much as 1,000% in the next year…

Of course, you still need to know a couple trading strategies to take full advantage of this secret…

Which is the real reason I’m talking to you today.


I know I’m excited to hear more about these strategies…

But first, can you give us a few examples of limited supply – and why that’s important?


A great example of limited supply is Bitcoin…

There’s only ever going to be 21 million units of Bitcoin…

There will never be any more. It’s mathematically impossible.

The creators of Bitcoin built limited supply right into the computer code of Bitcoin itself.

Another example is Zcash, which also has a 21 million limit, just like Bitcoin.

Which means there will never be any more than 21 million Zcash in the world.

The supply is completely limited. It’s right in the computer code.


So one part of your secret is to find cryptocurrencies where supply is limited right in the computer code.

What do you mean “limitless demand”?


I mean only buy into cryptocurrencies that solve a real-world problem…

A problem so big…

One where so many people desire it…

Demand becomes limitless.

In fact, if it solves a big enough problem, then potentially billions of people could buy it.

On the flip side…

If a currency doesn’t really solve any problems, then it’s useless and therefore has no real value.

To go back to Bitcoin, it is powered by something called the blockchain.

Now, I don’t have time to get into how blockchain works here…

But I will say this:

We live in a world now where privacy has been stripped from us.

There's intrinsic value to privacy. Privacy has a cost and a value now.

There is potentially unlimited demand for privacy.

Practically everyone on earth values some sort of privacy.

That's why the blockchain has an intrinsic value.

A lot of computing power and software has been put in place to make sure that the more every government strips you of your privacy, the more valuable a cryptocurrency becomes.

This is why Bitcoin in particular has potentially limitless demand…



Especially once entire countries, countless retailers and the central banks start getting behind blockchain.

I’m so confident in this I can all but guarantee you Bitcoin is not going to stay at even $5,000 a coin.

It's going to be $200,000 a coin.

It’s simple economics really.


Can you give us another example?


Another example is Zcash…



Like Bitcoin, it offers privacy. But it also adds a layer of anonymity that Bitcoin doesn’t have…

How much demand is there for true anonymity?

I would say quite a bit. Enough where I am comfortable stating Zcash has essentially limitless demand.

MONICA: According to my notes… Zcash has gone from as low as $37 to as high as $370 the last few months…


I believe Zcash has a lot farther to go…


Can you share another example of limitless supply?


I believe Ethereum has the potential for “limitless demand” because of one special ability…

The ability to create smart contracts.


What is a “smart contract”?


Smart contracts are computer protocols intended to verify or enforce the performance of a contract all by themselves.

You can think of them as an “automated vending machine” for contracts.

Typically, if you want a contract today, you go to a lawyer or a notary, pay them and wait while you get the document.

With smart contracts, you simply drop an Ethereum into the “vending machine” and out pops a contract.

But the best part is this…

Not only do smart contracts define the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way that a traditional contract does, but it is designed to automatically enforce those obligations.

Ethereum has this “smart contract” capability built into its computer code.

Ask yourself this…

How many lawyers are on the planet right now?

In the U.S. alone, there are 1.3 million of them…

And how many of us enjoy dealing with lawyers?

If you could avoid dealing with a lawyer, would you?

Based on that alone, there could be limitless demand for Ethereum in the very near future.




According to my notes… Ethereum is up 2,400% the last 12 months...

James, let me ask you this…

How many of these legitimate cryptos would you say are out there?

In other words, how many have limited supply and limitless demand?


You have some cryptocurrencies that solve some problems, but not all the problems.

For example, Bitcoin solves many of the problems. But it didn't solve some of the problems on anonymity.

So Zcash kept the core philosophy, but solves the anonymous problem.

On the other hand, Zcash doesn’t have even close to the user base of Bitcoin.

That’s why I do NOT advocate buying only one of these cryptocurrencies.

You want a small portfolio of them to trade…


You mentioned earlier you have a few specific strategies to share about how to trade these legitimate currencies…

You need a couple strategies to get started... let me share a couple of my favorites here:

First... you’ll want to start out with a proven allocation model, so you can both be safely diversified and position yourself to collect massive gains.

Second... you’ll want to look for arbitrage opportunities.

For example, when one currency takes off and you have a chance to take money off the table and reallocate it to the others in your portfolio.

Third, you’ll want to be ready to do this over and over... compounding your profits.

Fourth, you’ll want to be ready to get into new cryptos as they come into the market, specifically ones that meet the requirements of limited supply and limitless demand.

Remember: This is an incredibly fast-changing marketplace…

Things can change in a single day. That’s both the challenge and the massive opportunity.

But all of the strategies I’m recommending are pretty easy to pull off, once you know how…

And each could pay off as much as 10 times your investment in the next few months… and possibly as much as 1,000 times the next couple years.

And I want everyone watching to have a chance to join me in this…


And that is why James is launching a brand-new research service called Altucher’s Crypto Trader

This is the only service in the world that shows you how to trade the hottest cryptocurrencies, with relative safety and security, using what he calls the “100,000% Secret”…


I should mention I stumbled across this secret because I’m connected to an extensive network of very smart people.

Kamal Ravikant

And that’s the same experience I want to give users of Altucher’s Crypto Trader.

Using my network, I’ve located a small group of experts and hired them to use the “100,000% Crypto Secret” to look inside the computer code… including my Chief Crypto Analyst in this service, Kamal Ravikant.

Kamal is an entrepreneur and partner at Evolve VC, one of the most successful venture capital funds in Silicon Valley… where he manages millions of dollars and often teams up with other funds managing hundreds of millions of dollars on various deals.

Kamal is one of the top investors in cryptocurrencies. You won’t find anyone smarter or more connected than him.

If you’ve never heard of Kamal before, it’s because he’s never worked in the financial publishing business before. He’s brand new to this industry.

But I got him to agree to work for Altucher’s Crypto Trader

In fact, Kamal will be working with me to recommend the same kind of trading strategies he uses right now in his VC fund…


And how many of these will you recommend?

Can you tell us which ones you’ll be recommending?


The beauty of the “100,000% Secret” is it narrows down our trading universe to only the top 1% of cryptos with true intrinsic value… those with limited supply and unlimited potential demand.

I’ve mentioned a few of them already on this broadcast…

There are others very few have heard of before…

For example, there is a very new crypto out there…

One that just popped up on our radar screen...

It just had its “initial coin offering” or ICO… something I will discuss more in a minute.

The beauty of this crypto is it intends to solve the problem of how to create decentralized storage alongside of currencies.

If someone hacks Google and I stored all my photos on Google Drive, all my photos are gone.

That's centralized storage.

With decentralized storage, the data behind your photos are scattered among many different computers, giving you both privacy and security.

With this new crypto, I get paid in this cryptocurrency itself if I agree to let someone use my computer as part of this decentralized storage.

In short, millions of people could be incentivized to grow this decentralized network.

So I see this as something with potentially unlimited demand.

And it is structured in a way where supply of it will be limited…

Potential "ICO" Trade

Already, this new currency is up 788% in only a few weeks.

Will we be recommending this one to our readers?

It’s hard to say right now.

But it’s an example of the kind of brand-new cryptos we will be looking at in my new service.


Can you tell us how your research service works?


Kamal and I designed Altucher’s Crypto Trader to work radically simple…

Really, if you choose to invest, it boils down to just three steps:

Step 1: You buy the handful of cryptocurrencies we are recommending using our proprietary allocation model…

In a minute, I’m going to show you how simple this is… even if you’ve never purchased a Bitcoin or any other crypto your entire life…

With this one step, you’ll be on your way to the chance to get 100,000% gains over the next few years…

Plus you can feel good knowing you are diversified among only the best of the best.

But it gets even better.

Step 2: You actively trade this handful of legitimate cryptocurrencies and no other…

With all the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, there are tremendous opportunities for what I am calling “Crypto Arbitrage Plays.”


How do those work?


Basically, Kamal and I will look for opportunities where one of these cryptos becomes massively undervalued based on external circumstances, and then use these opportunities to arbitrage.

For example, on Dec. 6, 2016, there was a situation where Ethereum became undervalued, something called “The Ethereum Fork”…

Using an allocation model that Kamal and I invented and have back tested, you could’ve cashed in on an incredible 6,614% gain in 6 months…

But it gets even better… because you could have had the chance to park your money from this trade into Bitcoin for an additional 59% in only two months…

That’s a grand total of 10,575% in only about 8 months, using only two trades…

To do the math, let’s say you started with $10,000 at the start of this Crypto Arbitrage Trade…

You’d be walking away with $105,750 in profit…

Crypto Arbitrage Trade


That’s amazing!

Do you have other examples of these Crypto Arbitrage Trades?


I have a whole bunch of scenarios Kamal and I have back tested…

For example, in June 2016, you could have gotten into Ethereum at a really great price and cashed out for a 406% gain…

Then you could have had the chance to put your profits in another undervalued (but highly valuable) cryptocurrency for a 499% gain in only 3 months…

And then you could have had the chance to put profits from this trade in Bitcoin for a 61% gain in only 2 months…

All in, you’d be looking at a 4,780% gain from these arbitrage trades.

Crypto Arbitrage Trade

I’ve located others where you could have made 106%... 347%... 484%... 627%… 907%...

You could have grabbed some of these gains in as fast as a few weeks…

Of course, these are all historical examples of what future “Crypto Arbitrage Plays” could look like if we had perfect timing… and you’d need a bit of luck to make them all work out to these exact numbers...

But my point is, using them you can amplify your gains by 10, 20, even 100 times…


I think you mentioned three steps… what is the third step?


Step 3 is getting into and trading one of those “initial coin offerings” or ICOs that I mentioned, where new cryptos are released to the market similar to an IPO with stocks.

I told you about one of these ICOs that Kamal and I were tracking that went up almost 8 times already in only a few weeks.

The numbers you are seeing in these ICOs are pretty crazy…

For example, a crypto called FirstBlood had its first offering back in September of last year…

Since then, it’s gone up as much as 1,627%...

But FirstBlood doesn’t fit the allocation model that Kamal and I have developed.

It might end up being great. Who knows?

But we can’t verify FirstBlood’s intrinsic value. So we won’t ever recommend it to you.

In Altucher’s Crypto Trader, we only make recommendations to get into ICOs that fit our allocation model and have limited supply and potentially limitless demand built into the computer code.


Who is your service for? Do you need any computer skills or trading experience to use it?


This is NOT a service for computer geeks or nerds or hackers or anything like that…

Kamal and I designed this service ground-up to give regular people a chance to make money from this crypto explosion… using a secret I’ve personally used and also back tested for reliability.

I personally know top venture capitalists using these strategies.

But we also have made this service radically simple…

As I said before, anyone can get rich using my secret.

I’m not really that special of a person, and I’ve done it personally, making 8,000%.

You don’t need to be a computer expert or a hacker.

You don’t need to be a trader or venture capitalist…

You don’t need a lot of free time…

To get the most out of this service, all you do need is the desire to make 100,000% the next few years and as much as 1,000% in the next 12 months by getting into the right cryptocurrencies with limited supply and limitless demand… making “Crypto Arbitrage Plays” like I’ve shown you today… and getting into the right ICOs.

If you have this desire, then Kamal and I designed this service for YOU.


How often do you anticipate finding these “Crypto Arbitrage Plays” or new ICOs to get into?


The good news is you do NOT have to be chained to your computer to use these strategies…

This isn’t day trading or anything like that…

Kamal and I will find you a play at least twice a month… most months you hear from us more often.

When we find one, we’ll immediately have an email sent right to your inbox, along with exact instructions on how to set up the trade.

We also vet the people behind every crypto we recommend, including the founders and backers… something almost impossible for anyone not deeply connected with Silicon Valley.


As James mentioned, Altucher’s Crypto Trader will give you at least two cryptocurrency trades per month…

Including “Crypto Arbitrage Plays” along with new ICOs that fit James and Kamal’s models.

But James also wants to send you something else… a special bonus called Altucher’s Crypto Trader Handbook

Crypto Trader Handbook

Inside this slim, no-nonsense guide, you will discover:

You will NOT find this information anywhere else.

Not on any podcasts or websites.

Not at Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

Not in any of James’ other newsletters.

This is information James has never released before…

And by joining Altucher’s Crypto Trader today, you can get this handbook FREE.

In less than 2 minutes, I’m going to tell you how to join and get instant access to this book.


But first… James, going back to your service, what makes what you offer different from some of the others out there?


I’ve only looked at a couple research services out there in this space.

I can’t really say if these other services are good or bad. They are probably very good for some people…

But my service has two things others don’t…

First, the radical simplicity of the “100,000% Crypto Secret” and the allocation model Kamal and I have developed using it…

There are more than 900 of these cryptocurrencies out there… and I estimate 99% of them are going to crash and burn at some point.

But using our model, you’ll have less than 5 choices of what to trade, and a very good idea of which choice to make because of the system Kamal and I have created…

In other words… instead of 900, you’ll get less than 5 to focus on.

See what I mean? Radically simple.

Second, by joining my service you get to take advantage of the “Network Effect” of the combination of mine and Kamal’s networks.

If you don’t know, the “Network Effect” is the effect a user of a good or service has on the value of that product to others.

By joining Kamal’s and my collective network, you’re only going make our networks even stronger, which ultimately benefits you as a user of our service…

You’ve probably heard already about my network…

It hasn’t been easy. But since I began my career – I’ve managed to make a connection with every major hedge fund manager in New York and every major venture capital firm on both the East Coast and in Silicon Valley, including…

Ted Leonsis... former president of AOL…

Mark Cuban... star of the hit TV show Shark Tank

Tony Robbins… former advisor to Bill Clinton…

Mitch Lowe… who co-founded Netflix…

The guy who heads up Google’s experimental laboratory, Google X…

Nassim Taleb, named by Bloomberg as one of the top 50 most influential people in finance…

Jim Cramer… host of TV’s most popular investment show...

And literally hundreds more…

In fact, today Jim Cramer and I are good friends. Can you believe it?

In short, I’ve built up a network of contacts most people only read about in Fortune magazine or The Wall Street Journal.

My network is how I first met Kamal…

And of course, since Kamal is intimately involved with this new service, we can tap into his network too…

Kamal was on the phone with the crypto guy at one of the most successful venture firms in Silicon Valley.

Believe me… nobody else is able to make that phone call.

And no other service on earth has a network like ours…


And here’s something else…

James is so certain about the value of his new service he is going to make you a special guarantee…

If you decide to join Altucher’s Crypto Trader… James guarantees you’ll have a chance to grow your money by 1,000% in the next 12 months.

This means one year from now, if our Crypto Trader model portfolio hasn’t grown by 1,000%, then you can give his team a call and James will give you access to Altucher’s Crypto Trader another year, free of charge.

Just call up our service team 12 months from now and let them know, and you get another year of Altucher’s Crypto Trader completely free.


James, to sum up…

You and Kamal decided to publish your best cryptocurrency trading ideas and recommendations and share them with anyone who’s interested, no matter what their experience, wealth or background.

And you’re calling this service Altucher’s Crypto Trader.

And see if I’ve got this straight…

Everyone who takes action today will get immediate access to Altucher’s Crypto Trader Handbook, which includes:

Then at least twice a month, you’ll share a brand-new crypto trade you’ve uncovered using the “100,000% Secret” and James’ personal network of contacts, exclusively for Altucher’s Crypto Trader subscribers…

James, did I get all this right?


Perfect, and let me add this:

I once went to a Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting – and this was in 2004 – and somebody said to Charlie Munger, "What would you do right now with your belongings? Would you put everything in cash?" I forget the exact question. He said, "I would bury all of your belongings underground in your backyard," and Warren Buffett had to interrupt him. "Charlie, just be quiet." He was quiet after that.

Like Charlie, I'm scared to death that after 30 years of working hard, like all of us, everybody on this webinar, we work really hard, and we get paid in hundred-dollar bills that we put in our bank.

That value, again, could disappear. All the work that I'm doing for my kids and their kids, for my healthcare when I'm older, all that could go away, and I have no choice in the matter, but I do have many reasons to trust that cryptocurrency will be a store of value.

I think this service is an incredible value.

You are going to get information you won’t find unless you are already plugged into the Silicon Valley venture capital world.

Imagine being the person at a party that A) knows how to trade these cryptocurrencies and B) knows the exact secret to why a handful of them are positioned to explode in value, while 99% of the rest will implode.

I designed Altucher’s Crypto Trader for average people because I want you to get the same opportunities as the elites.

And because these are based on the same strategies used by Kamal in his venture capital fund…

You get trading strategies that are radically simple to use, relatively safe and based on what’s already working for Silicon Valley’s elite investors.


So here’s the deal…

James wants you to try out his new service, but before you make any decision today, you need to keep two things in mind:

The first is, in the venture capital world, typically only an “accredited” investor can get in… someone who’s worth at least $1 million or has made an income of $200,000 for two years.

James doesn’t think that’s fair either… and I think it’s crazy the government tries to “protect” smaller investors by essentially forbidding them from getting into the most lucrative opportunities.

But on the other hand, James does not want to attract complete “amateurs”… or folks who simply can’t afford to speculate on something brand new.

James designed Altucher’s Crypto Trader for serious-minded folks who can recognize the value of the ideas James will be sharing each month and won’t be afraid of putting money into a brand-new way to make money.

The second thing is Kamal will be using the exact same approach he uses for his venture capital fund. And as you probably know… venture capital funds are not cheap.

This type of research is time and labor intensive.

But it’s the only way you can get trading ideas and information you simply won’t find in the mainstream news.

Still, what he’s charging for access to his service is a bargain in the whole scheme of things.

Back when James was a hedge fund manager, he used to charge his former clients a 2% management fee and 20% of the profits.

That means if you’d invested $50,000 into his hedge fund back when he made an average gain of 121% in a year – you’d have paid $6,550 in fees.

Having said that… here’s the good news.

James is not charging anywhere near that amount.

The goal of his research is to give you many of the same advantages you’d receive from a venture capital fund… without the outrageous fees.

One full year of Altucher’s Crypto Trader normally costs $4,000.


If that sounds like too much money – I’m sorry for wasting your time. This isn’t for you. Frankly, this research is worth ten times that amount.

Not to mention, with the kind of returns we are seeing in cryptocurrencies right now, your subscription could pay for itself almost immediately.


James, do you have any more to add on this?


You know, I hate trying to “sell” people…

I figure, if you like what I had to say today, you’ll do the right thing for you and check it out. Or you won’t. It’s really up to you to decide.

I gave away one of the top secrets in Silicon Valley right here on this broadcast…

To give it away again, here it is:

If you can find cryptocurrencies with limitless demand and limited supply… if you can verify everything yourself reading the computer code… you can have the chance at making 100,000% over the years, and the chance to make at least 1,000% in the next 12 months.

Now that you know this secret, there is nothing I can do to stop you from closing this page… and going out on your own to use this information yourself.

But on the other hand, why struggle to figure this out on your own when Kamal and I can do all the hard work for you?

We can open up our network to you, plugging you in and letting you profit from this “Network Effect.”

And more importantly, we can show you exactly how to set up trades that are relatively safe and secure, and also position you for both short-term and long-term success.

Think about this: If you put $1,000 into a single cryptocurrency trade and it goes up 10 times, you’ll have paid for your subscription for the next two years.

If you get 8,000% returns as I have, will you even care what you paid today?

If you get 100,000% returns the next few years, which I am confident is very possible once you know how… how can you put a price on that?

My philosophy is to choose yourself… and I can’t think of a better way than taking advantage of my “100,000% Crypto Secret”…


So can you give us the bottom line, James?


The bottom line is this...

Back in the 1990s, I witnessed stupid levels of money being made from the internet and dot-coms.

It was the Wild West…

All the wealth we’ve seen generated the last 20 years started in this time period, from Apple to Google to Amazon…

Jeff Bezos survived the Wild West to become the richest man in the world…

And just like in the Wild West, by the time you see paved roads and electricity, the chance to make big money is already gone.

Right now, in cryptos, it’s the Wild West again.

This isn’t an opportunity where you want to wait 2 years to “see how it plays out.”

By then, the biggest opportunity will be gone.

Right now, this is the time to make real “generational wealth” kinds of money…

Over 5,000 years we’ve seen the shift from theism to humanism to data-ism…

With money, we can talk about how it went from barter and gold coins, to paper money based on banks and governments, to money based on knowledge and information.

Because of limitless demand, you will see these cryptocurrencies everywhere. They will power every transaction and investment you make in the very near future.

At the same time, because of limited supply, the most lucrative currencies will be “off limits” for 99% of the planet, simply because they will cost so much.

Think of getting early shares in Apple or Berkshire Hathaway…

Today Apple or Berkshire Hathaway are technically available to everyone.

But only a small fraction of the public really owns them right now, because of their massive valuations.

I’ve spent years researching this. I was looking at Bitcoin back in 2013.

And I just recently made an 8,000% return by getting into a cryptocurrency using the same methodology I’ve shared with you today.

This is your chance to be on the ground floor of the biggest shift in money since the invention of banking…

Kamal believes in you.

I believe in you.

I hope you make the jump with us.

Oh, and I’d like to share one more thing:

Because everyone carved out time in a busy day to spend with us…

I’m willing to make you at home a special offer right now…

That way everyone can begin learning how to use my “100,000%” approach immediately…

And have a chance to see something totally different in the markets right now.

Monica, you want to cover that now?


As James said, we want everyone watching this now to take advantage of this incredible new opportunity James has put together.

Because this is a brand-new service, if you sign up right now through this special presentation, James will knock $1,000 OFF the price.

That means you can receive one full year of Altucher’s Crypto Trader for just $3,000.


Plus, if you join right now, James will send you $1,000. You can use it for anything you’d like – buy some new clothes, put it towards a new TV... you could even use it to get started towards making 100,000% on your investment right away.


James will also walk you through exactly how to use this “seed capital” if you choose to get into the cryptocurrencies he is recommending, including the exact steps to set up your account.

And one more thing…

James wants you to feel confident in your decision…

If you decide to join Altucher’s Crypto Trader and try it out for the next year, then James will guarantee you’ll have a chance to grow your money by at least 1,000% in the next 12 months.

This means one year from now, if our model portfolio hasn’t grown by 1,000%, then you can give his team a call and James will give you access to Altucher’s Crypto Trader another year, free of charge.

James' Quote


James, that’s a pretty generous offer… can you tell us why you are setting it up like this?


What we really want to do is give everyone a chance to try this out for gains as high as 100,000% the next few years…

We want people to stick with us for years as we ride this all the way to the top.

We want to reward people who join us from the very beginning.

And we are going to do this by finding the best cryptocurrencies on the market to trade… those with limited supply and limitless demand…

We are going to go through the computer codes to verify everything…

I am confident we can do that. Kamal is confident too…

But we know seeing is believing.

And I think once people are seeing 1,000% returns in their portfolios with their own eyes, they will truly start to believe… so we want to give everyone a chance to do that.


James also wants you to know there are a couple conditions on this offer…

First, there are no refunds on the offer we’re making today.

This is the only way James can send you $1,000 that you could use to get into cryptocurrencies he picked out for you…

Fam Shot

Second, we have to limit this offer to the first 2,000 people who respond today.

OK, let’s review everything you get by becoming a member today:

A one-year subscription to Altucher’s Crypto Trader normally costs $4,000.

But for a brief time only, through this special offer you’ll pay just $3,000… a $1,000 discount off the regular price… plus after you join, you will get $1,000 you can use for anything. If you want, you can put it into the specific cryptocurrencies James picked out for you.

Then at least twice a month, James and Kamal will email you a research summary of their newest trading recommendation.

Each recommendation will come with the power of James and Kamal’s network of Silicon Valley venture capitalists behind it – the best crypto trading ideas they hear about – the kind of trades with the chance to make you 10 times richer in the next 12 months, and 1,000 times richer a few years from now.

Remember, there are no refunds for this offer… James is only looking for serious readers who fully want to exploit the “100,000% Secret” he discovered…

However, James and Kamal are giving you a special guarantee…

If you don’t see 1,000% returns in the next 12 months using this service, they agreed to work for free to get you these returns.

But hurry…

This offer is limited to the first 2,000 people who respond today.

To join today, hit the link below and you’ll be immediately directed to a secure order form.

Subscribe Now


James, any closing thoughts?


I know some of you might be using some of my other services. For all of you, I want to make this point:

My interest in cryptocurrencies doesn't mean I don't believe in stocks.

Here's what I think is going to happen with stocks. I think eventually the exchange will be priced in cryptocurrencies. But by then, the big profits will already be gone…

And that’s why if you’re using any of my other services, you’ll want to check this out too.

Lastly, here’s something I always tell everyone.

YOU need to choose yourself.

I can’t do that for you.

It’s up to you and you alone.

Now it’s your turn to “choose yourself” to wealth using a secret I’ve used to make 80 times my money in 18 months… and with the potential to make you 1,000 times your money in only a few years.

If you’ve listened to me today and what I’m saying is making sense, hit the link below.



Simply click the link to review all the details on how you can make 10 times your money in the next year by trading the best cryptocurrencies James can find…

Thanks again, James Altucher, for joining us…

Fam Shot

Remember: This offer is limited to the first 2,000 people who respond today.

Don’t wait. Hit the link if you want the details on this amazing, limited-time offer… do it right now.

This is Monica McCarthy, signing off.

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